Paper Supply Bags

SmartPractice_Paper_Supply_Bags_for_dentistsWhen it comes to building and maintaining patient loyalty, it’s been established that Supply Bags are a great tool. When you give bags filled with a toothbrush, floss or patient education brochures and promotional items, patients gets a sense of value—and of being valued. They’ve gotten a little something in return for being a loyal patient and they feel appreciated; a little token of appreciation goes a long way!  

Because we’re always looking for ways to expand your options on the products you use most, SmartPractice® has just launched a line of Paper Supply Bags — the only full-color paper bags on the market!

What are some of the benefits of using Paper Bags?

In today’s world we are more aware of the impact our everyday choices have on the earth, and it’s important that you have s...

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Make Your Practice Kid-Friendly with ZOO Club!

SmartPractice Zoo ClubEarlier this month we shared tips with you on how to make your practice more kid-friendly and talked briefly about ways to incorporate stuffed animals into kids’ appointments. But you can take your kid-friendliness to the next level with Sqwiggly® ZOO Club.

Although it takes a bit of effort on your part to really get kids excited about oral care and visiting the dentist, here at SmartPractice® we are determined to make it easy for you! There are many different ways to implement ZOO Club into your practice. Let us show you how!

Have a “What’s My Name?” Contest

Let kids come up with fun names for these adorable animals and enter them into a drawing. The New Member Kit comes with everything you need for this...

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5 Reasons why you Should be Utilizing Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail MarketingIt’s no secret that we’re living in a digital age; however, a proven non-digital marketing technique is alive and well and working wonders in the digital age. This technique, which for many is often overlooked, is direct mail marketing.

The importance of having an online presence is incredibly importance for a dental practice in this day and age.  Using marketing methods such as pay-per-click ads or social media to engage patients is a great way to reach potential patients. However, without a well-guided direct mail campaign to enhance your digital efforts there are potential patients that are not being reached.  Direct mail influences 76% of internet users to buy a product or service online[1]. Direct mail marketing gives you a proven method of driving new patients into your practice...

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Still Using the Same old Brochures?

SmartPractice Dental BrochureLast month you may have resolved to make changes in various aspects of your personal life as well as your dental supplies. However, wiping the slate clean can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Not to worry; you don’t have to start over from scratch. It’s ok to ease into things with small changes as long as those changes are significant.

Updated Brochures Make a Lasting Impression

One of the easiest places to start to make a big impact is your reception area. Hanging new artwork or rearranging furniture will certainly freshen things up, but making sure you’re up-to-date on the information you provide your patients is even more important. Your patients consider you the authority when it comes to dental care and it’s very important that they get all the right answers to their questions...

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New Year – New Recall Campaign

toothbjavascript:;rush-dental-recall-cardDoes your dental rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” sound something like this:

Should former patients be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should former patients be forgot
And their files get left behind?

If it does, resolve to make 2015 the year to call all those forgotten patients back to your practice! SmartPractice® introduces new Custom, Semi-Custom and Pre-designed Dental Recall Cards to start the new year with a fresh new plan for patient recall.

It happens to all dental practices; you get busy with the everyday aspects of running your office. Staying up-to-date on infection control standards, ordering dental supplies and patient visits are always at the top of your to-do list, and often times keeping up with patient recall falls to the bottom of that list...

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How to Counteract the “One and Done”

SmartPractice-BlogA One and Done is a patient who comes in for a visit but does not schedule a follow-up appointment. With dental marketing focusing so much on getting new patients, often the importance of retaining current patients gets pushed aside. Consistently relying on new patients to fill chairs is not enough. New patients help push your practice to new levels of growth, but scheduling a One and Done won’t help you keep up with attrition or build the patient loyalty essential for sustainability.

You hopefully have a handle on the average cost of your new patient acquisition. Whether that cost is $50 or $400, the key to practice profitability is keeping that patient and seeing that patient at least twice a year for the next ten years or more.

Measure Your Results

Statistically fo...

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The Easiest Way to Get New Patients – Referrals

Dental-Patient-ReferralsIf creating referrals isn’t part of your daily routine, you could be missing out on your best new patient prospects. Referrals are one of the single most cost effective ways to grow your business, often requiring very little extra work on your part. Plus, the referred patients already have an invested interest in your practice since their friends or family already chose you as their dentist.

 Components of a Successful Referral Program: Request, Track, Reward, Repeat.

Designate specific team members to talk about the referral program so that your patients aren’t overwhelmed with requests. Consider whether it is better for your hygienists or your front office to ask patients to think about family and friends who haven’t found a great dentist...

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