Create More Smiles with Dental Wall Art


Want to create more smiles with ease? Hang Dental Wall Art in your hallways, treatment rooms and reception areas. But not just any Dental Wall Art will do. Choose art that showcases the attractive, healthy smiles made possible by advances in dentistry – and most importantly, by you. According to SmartPractice Marketing Coordinator, Heather Kalish: “Most patients would like to improve their smiles. Dental Wall Art inspires patients by showing what’s possible in terms of oral health and esthetics, making it easier for them to request a service.”

NEW Wall Art to Maximize Your Impact
With SmartPractice, you can enjoy an expanded selection of Dental Wall Art styles which include canvas, acrylic and brushed metal...

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How Online Reviews Build Your Practice

Online Dental Reviews

Do you know what 88% of consumers use to influence which businesses they choose to support? The answer is online reviews. As a dental practitioner, you can’t afford to miss out on strong, consistent online reviews if you want to build a trustworthy practice. You’ll want to be sure to have a solution tailored to help automate your dental patient reviews and follow the tips below to get even more patient reviews!

Service Comes First

The precedent to any positive online review is excellent service. And should you fall short, admit it gracefully and respond in kind to any negative feedback. When patients know you care about their experience with you, you’re more likely to earn back their trust and patronage.

Ask for Reviews from Satisfied Patients

According to Forbes.com, most consumers ...

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Dental Marketing Tips for an Abundant Holiday Season

dental marketing holidays SmartPracticeMake an abundant holiday season for you and for those who keep you in practice. The marketing tips below give some easy, affordable ways to give more and get more during the holidays and beyond. Leverage these dental marketing tips now as you meet with your staff to plan your holiday marketing campaign.

Promote Your Most Valuable Products and Services

New and improved technology? Discounted whitening? DentistryIQ advises to be sure to define the products and services that are most important for your office to promote. Add the appropriate seasonal message to go along with each. Consider this example for a newsletter or social media post: “Overdid it on sweets this Halloween? Smile not looking so bright? Take home a FREE whitening kit when you refer a friend or relative to our practice!”

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This Halloween, Make Cavities Run for Their Lives


Who would’ve guessed that the undead could actually make cavities run for their lives? Shows like “Walking Dead” have made zombies a pop culture phenomenon, and we’ll show you how to use this to your advantage with the Cavity Zombie Halloween Campaign. Prevent cavities and promote patient loyalty – while having FUN.

Download Your FREE Cavity Zombie Coloring Sheet

Download free copies of the Cavity Zombie Coloring Sheet to reward patients and keep the importance of preventing cavities top-of-mind. Consider organizing a patient coloring contest, where you exchange their completed sheets for fun, functional giveaways like Glow in the Dark Toothbrushes, Glow in the Dark Cap Lip Balm, or Silver Reflective Tote Bags.

Incorporate Fresh Dental-Themed Halloween Cards and Bags

What better...

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Create Loyal, Referring Patients

happy-referring-patientsIn this digital age, consumers have greater access to the businesses they choose to support – or not. Business owners in every industry are competing for the attention of the right patrons, and dentists are no exception. So, what distinguishes you in this competitive marketplace? Your brand. According to the American Dental Association: “A brand identifies a good or services as distinctive from others—think of the original use of branding as a way for ranchers to identify cattle from various owners.” And the reach of your brand extends further than you might think.

More than a compelling logo or marketing visuals, Practice Builders claims that traits like bedside manner, reputation, and leading edge procedures are key in what makes or breaks a successful dental brand...

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How Active Should Your Social Media Accounts Be?

smartpractice social mediaSocial media gives your office a great way to interact with and engage your patients. When your dental office is online and live, there’s a fine line about the activity of your account that should be kept in mind. Knowing where that line is will prevent you from being ignored, overlooked, or simply obnoxious. 

Not Too Much

Are your blogs, tweets or Facebook posts blowing up everyone’s news feeds? Are they so long that it takes people 10 minutes just to sit down and read the entire thing? Short and sweet is one of the best rules of thumb to follow. Give your prospective patients just enough information that they have what they need, but still need to come into your office or call the receptionists for the answers that they are looking for.

Similarly, don’t post everything back to back...

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Just How Important is Your Logo?

Dental logo Design by SmartPracticeIn an increasingly visual world, your dental logo is the signature of your brand. Logos make a first and lasting impression to prospective patients. Consider the logos for major global brands like Nike and Coca-Cola. Their logos evoke an immediate emotional response and brand identity for millions, many of whom are loyal consumers. The power of brands like these goes to show that instant logo recognition correlates with enduring brand loyalty. And while we can’t guarantee that your dental office will be a household name from Kansas to Dubai, we can guarantee that the right design will turn heads and help create even more awareness.

According to an intensive study by Dr...

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