How to Counteract the “One and Done”

SmartPractice-BlogA One and Done is a patient who comes in for a visit but does not schedule a follow-up appointment. With dental marketing focusing so much on getting new patients, often the importance of retaining current patients gets pushed aside. Consistently relying on new patients to fill chairs is not enough. New patients help push your practice to new levels of growth, but scheduling a One and Done won’t help you keep up with attrition or build the patient loyalty essential for sustainability.

You hopefully have a handle on the average cost of your new patient acquisition. Whether that cost is $50 or $400, the key to practice profitability is keeping that patient and seeing that patient at least twice a year for the next ten years or more.

Measure Your Results

Statistically fo...

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The Easiest Way to Get New Patients – Referrals

Dental-Patient-ReferralsIf creating referrals isn’t part of your daily routine, you could be missing out on your best new patient prospects. Referrals are one of the single most cost effective ways to grow your business, often requiring very little extra work on your part. Plus, the referred patients already have an invested interest in your practice since their friends or family already chose you as their dentist.

 Components of a Successful Referral Program: Request, Track, Reward, Repeat.

Designate specific team members to talk about the referral program so that your patients aren’t overwhelmed with requests. Consider whether it is better for your hygienists or your front office to ask patients to think about family and friends who haven’t found a great dentist...

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Just How Important is Dental Branding?

dental brandingWe’ve talked about some dental branding tips previously, but today we want to cover why dental branding is important. Apple. Coca-Cola. Mercedes. Brands known throughout the world. The astounding name awareness their marketers have created didn’t happen overnight. Years of consistent visibility imprinted these brands on us. So much so you can likely picture their logos in your head right now. In fact, some branding is so successful that it becomes ingrained into our culture. Kleenex® is one such example. A brand name that became so popular that consumers largely use Kleenex to describe all facial tissue. So when you think about your practice and how to build it into a growing practice, you need to think about your dental branding.

Why should you brand your dental practice?

No matter i...

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3 Tips For Direct Mail Marketing Success

SmartPractice-Direct-Mail-Marketing-TipsNo one ever said marketing is easy. Getting the most out of your marketing spend has always been one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign. This is what makes direct mail marketing an integral part of a dental practice’s new patient acquisition as it is one of the most cost effective solutions. There’s a lot that will go into the planning and execution of your direct mail piece, in this blog we will cover 3 great tips to make sure you have the best foundation possible when it comes time to plan and execute your mailers.

1. Understand Your Audience

Does your practice attract a lot of families? Older patients? Make sure you have a clear understanding of the type of patient that commonly visits your practice...

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Dental Phone Tips: Create a Connection with Every Call

phone etiquetteWhile phone etiquette may seem so basic that you think “I’ve got that handled,” it is exactly that kind of thinking that could get practices in trouble. How staff treats people on the phone can make or break a practice.

A team member’s ability to effectively and cordially work with people via phone plays an integral part of your practice.  If phone etiquette is lacking, that unpleasant call may be why that person never comes in or returns your calls. You can spend thousands on marketing and still not be able to schedule patients if callers feel rushed or a team member doesn’t convey caring and friendliness. Why would someone want to come in and be treated that way in person? Here are a few tips to review with your team.


Body language is key...

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Dental Branding Tips for Your Practice

Branding LogosOftentimes a brand evolves from an ability to solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific need as in the case of Gentle Dentistry, Petco and Lyft, an app that connects people who need rides with people who have cars.  A competitive advantage may also help shape a brand. For example, Dental Solutions for Seniors. Successful branding depends on your understanding of the needs of your customers and prospects, and your ability to convey that your brand should be chosen over the competition to satisfy those needs.

The Foundation of Dental Branding

A logo is more than a clever design or a cool font; it is the foundation of a brand. People will often recognize your practice by your logo rather than your name so it should be clear and versatile...

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New Patient Marketing Tips: What Patients Fear Most

SmartPractice-Dental-Blog-New-Patient-MarketingAvoidance. Procrastination. These are telltale signs of dental fear. Without understanding the reasons behind a patient’s reluctance to schedule an appointment, you cannot address the issue(s) and practice growth is hindered. With this in mind, SmartPractice recently held a focus group of insured individuals who have not visited a dentist in two years. We explored the reasons behind their avoidance and based on what we learned, offer expert advice on how you can overcome these issues in your practice.


Cost was the leading cause (50%) listed for a patient’s hesitation to visit the dentist. Participants understood the value of offers like a free consultation, but often did not make the connection that their benefit plan also provided free consultations...

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