Dental Phone Tips: Create a Connection with Every Call

phone etiquetteWhile phone etiquette may seem so basic that you think “I’ve got that handled,” it is exactly that kind of thinking that could get practices in trouble. How staff treats people on the phone can make or break a practice.

A team member’s ability to effectively and cordially work with people via phone plays an integral part of your practice.  If phone etiquette is lacking, that unpleasant call may be why that person never comes in or returns your calls. You can spend thousands on marketing and still not be able to schedule patients if callers feel rushed or a team member doesn’t convey caring and friendliness. Why would someone want to come in and be treated that way in person? Here are a few tips to review with your team.


Body language is key...

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Dental Branding Tips for Your Practice

Branding LogosOftentimes a brand evolves from an ability to solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific need as in the case of Gentle Dentistry, Petco and Lyft, an app that connects people who need rides with people who have cars.  A competitive advantage may also help shape a brand. For example, Dental Solutions for Seniors. Successful branding depends on your understanding of the needs of your customers and prospects, and your ability to convey that your brand should be chosen over the competition to satisfy those needs.

The Foundation of Dental Branding

A logo is more than a clever design or a cool font; it is the foundation of a brand. People will often recognize your practice by your logo rather than your name so it should be clear and versatile...

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New Patient Marketing Tips: What Patients Fear Most

SmartPractice-Dental-Blog-New-Patient-MarketingAvoidance. Procrastination. These are telltale signs of dental fear. Without understanding the reasons behind a patient’s reluctance to schedule an appointment, you cannot address the issue(s) and practice growth is hindered. With this in mind, SmartPractice recently held a focus group of insured individuals who have not visited a dentist in two years. We explored the reasons behind their avoidance and based on what we learned, offer expert advice on how you can overcome these issues in your practice.


Cost was the leading cause (50%) listed for a patient’s hesitation to visit the dentist. Participants understood the value of offers like a free consultation, but often did not make the connection that their benefit plan also provided free consultations...

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WOW Your Patients – The Key to More Dental Referrals

Did you know new patients are the best source of referrals? In most cases, new patients have friends and family that have never heard of your practice. They are also more likely to talk about how they recently changed dentists, especially if they’ve had a “wow”experience. It’s up to you to make referring family and friends trouble-free. Give patients the right tools to capture these leads for you. Then your team can convert them into new patients, who will then refer their family and friends and so on, creating what’s known as the infinite referral cycle.

Start by asking current patients to refer friends, family and coworkers...

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Summer Dental Promotional Products That Sizzle

Cool Dental Promotional Items to Create a Tear-Free Zone

Ah, summertime. Days packed with anxious parents dragging in boys and girls who want absolutely nothing to do with you are upon us. The tantrums. The crying. The headaches.

The remedy
The dental marketing experts at SmartPractice can help you squash the tantrums and hush the crying with cool dental promotional products especially for pediatrics. Dental toys can make you a hero. Hand out the right giveaways and you can transform a child’s negative perception of the dentist office into a positive one. Don’t underestimate the value of promotional items and toys. They help you build trust by creating smiles and relief...

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How to Give Your Patients a ‘WOW’ Experience


Word of mouth and online reviews generally skew to the extremes. People either love and rave about a business or share a terrible experience and tear a business apart.  Having an average experience doesn’t typically prompt people to talk about a business or write a review. So, how do you motivate your patients to share their positive experiences? You need to create a “wow” experience — every call, every visit, every team member, every time. Combine consistent “wow” experiences with the three Rs of referrals and your practice will be growing by leaps and bounds.

What’s a “wow” experience? An interaction that is unexpected, exceeds your patients’ expectations and ultimately raises the bar for service and treatment...

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Direct Mail: Dental Postcards for New Patients

While moving can mean new opportunities and a wonderful new house, it also means stress and a hectic week or two of planning and coordinating.  Often, movers do not stop to think that living in a new area also means having to find a new dentist.  It isn’t until after things have settled that a new mover starts the search for dentists, grocery stores and everything else they need.  So now what?  In marketing terms, new movers are the perfect, high value prospects to target with dental postcards and direct mail since they are receptive to finding a new dentist.  It’s up to your practice to reach out to new movers in your area as soon as possible to let them know where your practice is located, what you have to offer and why they should choose you...

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