Prevent Water Damage in Your Dental Office

If you’ve taken time off over the holidays, it’s not unlikely that you’ve come back to a water damaged office. Your water shut-off process could be to blame. According to The Dentists Insurance Company, flooding can result from either failing to shut off your water properly or a faulty shut-off valve.

Solenoid valves are part of your water shut-off solution—and many offices don’t have them. These valves shut off your office water supply electronically and are usually included in your plumbing. With the right operating procedure, these valves can help ensure that your office remains free of water damage, even in the event of a slight water leak.

Is your water shut-off process up to par?

skd242170sdcIf you’re planning to leave your office over an extended period of time, or are simply closing ...

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Dental Halloween Free Facebook Post Idea

Halloween dental selfies

We make it easy for you to create your best Halloween practice marketing campaign to date! October is the perfect time to connect with patients, grow your online presence and create more referrals. Use the following tips to conjure up a spook-tacular patient experience both in-office and online. It’s all about the power of community, practice name exposure—and a whole lot of fun!

Scare up MORE patients with the #Halloweenselfie

What could be cuter than teeth taking selfies in Halloween costumes? Just save the image above and post on all of your social media channels to start a selfie trend in your office. It’s a great way to engage current patients. Plus, the social media buzz will inspire new patients and referrals to join the fun! Your status update can read something like this:

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Want an Easier Way to Build Your Brand?

Simply put, your brand is your identity. Going for anything other than your own one-of-a-kind brand means you won’t stand out from the competition in the way you deserve or truly make your mark on patients. Custom branded office essentials give extraordinary marketing impact to your practice. And the great news is, the Custom Brand Bundle makes it easy to create an extraordinary AND cohesive Custom brand!


Here’s what the Custom Brand Bundle gives you:

  • Your top marketing tools, expertly designed—Supply Bags, Folding Cards, Postcards and Referral Business Cards
  • A FREE marketing consultation for solutions that will boost your active patient counts
  • MORE SAVINGS when you buy more of each Custom product

Not sure what direction to take your Custom brand? No worries! Our team of dental mar...

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Get the Largest Selection of Dental Recall Cards


Patient Recall, Renewed

Effective patient recall is one of the best investments you can make. And with SmartPractice, you get the widest selection of dental-themed Recall Cards for maximum ROI. According to our Marketing Coordinator, Heather Kalish: “We make it easy for dental offices to keep their schedules full and build their brands. Recall Cards are a big part of this.”Semi_Custom_Recall-Cards

Plus, you also get sixteen more fresh, new Semi-Custom Recall Card designs to choose from! Not familiar with Semi-Custom—or our Custom or Pre-Designed cards, for that matter? Read on to learn more. P.S. All cards can be personalized with your logo and contact information for FREE.

Flexibility + Ease = Semi-Custom

If you want the flexibility to choose your images, color scheme and messaging, Semi-Custom is an effecti...

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Targeted Mailing Plans: Why They Work

Are you getting the number of patients you deserve?

Are you tracking your patient production every three months, as recommended by DentistryIQ? If you are, you may find that you need more new patients to offset the ones you’re losing to relocations, change of insurance OR your competitors. Rule of thumb: 25 new patients per month equals healthy growth. 

If you’re getting fewer than that, chances are you’re not growing your active patient counts to the level you deserve.

Drawing in more than 25 patients and want to keep growing? Looking to build or maintain your client base? There’s a Targeted Mailing plan for you!

Patients are everywhere—how do you attract them?

You’ll reach at least 5,000 of your ideal prospects with the Targeted Mailing Plan that’s right for you...

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Get Your Recall Campaign in Gear with Custom

Patient retention is the question. Your recall campaign is the answer. Make it extraordinary with Custom!

Keeping your schedule full is an ongoing challenge—made even more difficult by lapsed and lost patients who leave for reasons outside of your control. In fact, a recent article on DentistryIQ.com claims that dental patient retention is down to about 31%. The good news is, you can turn your retention around with an effective recall campaign! We make it easier for you to get your recall program up-to-par by giving you 25% OFF Custom Recall & Appointment Cards until 7/31/16!*


Why choose Custom?

Simply put, your brand is your identity...

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New Mover Marketing Plans for Practice Growth

More often than not, new residents don’t stop to think that living in a new area means having to find a new dentist. What can you do to position yourself as THE dentist of choice for these prospective patients? Target new movers in your vicinity using the New Mover Marketing Plan that’s right for you.

Why should you target new movers?Left_Nav_Sign_in_page_ad_v2-01-01-01

  • You may lose between 10-17% of your patients each year. Targeting new movers help make up for this loss and keep you growing.
  • When you reach out to residents within 60 days of moving, you’re more than 80 times more likely to convert them into patients.
  • A new mover spends more in their first six months than a typical consumer does in three years. Get them when they’re more likely to invest in your care.

Mailing list + automated monthly New Mover Mar...

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